Sunday, April 10, 2011


David is just a cute little ALFALFA!!
Best FRIENDS!!!!!

Some people would think we are crazy.. why would anyone want to make an 11 hr trip twice in almost the same month?? Well Ami and I did.. and it was honestly the best ROAD TRIPS EVER!!!! Our first one was at the end of February we left Thatch approximately at 8pm drove all through out the night and arrived in Cedar City at approximately 5:45.. Yes we drove without any energy drinks or anything.. Just music and each others company.. and YES we were extremely tired when we got there.. It was literally the best 5 days of my life. We of course are the sneakiest people in the whole world and surprised David.. BEST SURPRISE he has ever had guaranteed. People might think it wasn't that fun cuz i went with Ami so that she could go and see her Future Husband.. but... it was seriously the perfect weekend.. We watched Davids baseball game, went bowling, i crafted A LOT, and hung out with The coolest family ever while i was up there.. It snowed of course it was so so pretty but so so cold..

Our second trip was super fun as well.. not as fun as the first time of course but it was still way fun. Jessica and Sian joined us this time. We left Thatcher at like 4pm and arrived in Cedar at 3am. And of course SURPRISE to DAVID!!! Ami naturally almost blew it but covered it up quite well.. Once again another awesome time.. It was the girls first time going to Cedar and David had a baseball game every day we were up there.. And us being his number one fans.. We went and supported him and his assistant coaching abilities. He was the best no questions asked. We stayed at Davids house and slept on his couches.. Sounds awful but the only awful thing about it was the dog hair on the couch. We made dinner together as a happy Family and watched tv and went to one of Davids friends ranch houses and played poker, pool, ping pong and got in the hot tub. Such a chill night. Jess and Sian both met lovers up there and hung out and diddled during our stay up there.. PERFECT weekend for that.. Sunday was sadly our last day there.. We watched conference together as a family and then packed and headed home. It was a sad goodbye.. David is seriously the most awesome guy in the whole world.. Not just any man would let four crazy girls stay at there house for 4 days.. He was so genuine and BRATTY and funny and we all loved staying there.. Ami Is now officially in love and will be for the rest of her life.. They will dance and love each other till they have 9 kids and a house the END... BEST ROAD TRIP EVER!!!! The ride home was rough and long but we made it back to thatch in one piece and still FRIENDS!!!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


We may look very classy in this pic.. but trust me.. this was NOT our every day attire.. We lived in the SLUT HUT Ladies and Gentlemen.. and it wasnt called that because of the girls that lived there.. dont be alarmed.. The name came from two sweet boys.. and two other sweet boys kept it going... Its bitter sweet moving out of the HUT.. Here are some reasons for it being both..
1. We are seperating
2. No more staying up till 3 am talking
3. No more "PARTIES"
4. We don't get to go to Denny's for random roommate dinners
5. No more Tanning on the roof
6. No more living with one another
7. And having to make bigger life decisions.. BOO
4. No more nasty swamp cooler
5. MORE toilet paper
6. Creeper next door.. GONE.. well for most of us
7. Last but not least.. WE MADE SWEET FRIENDS
The slut hut holds so MANY memories its CRAZY.. We made so many friends while we lived there.. but it was for sure time to move for most of us.. 5+ semesters was way to many.. I feel like i may have warn out my welcome here in good ol' THATCH!!! It was alot of fun while it lasted though for sure.. Im going to miss EVERYONE in the hut.. and even the HUT it self.. Ill miss you guys because:
Danni: You are seriously the FUNNIEST most CLEVER girl i have ever met..
Jackie: You are absolutely NUTTS and I love it.. you kept everything entertaining
Missy: You were so funny and you are super outgoing and the QUEEN of the Slut hut
Tiara: You were my favorite ROOM roommate.. You are ridiculous and i love it
Jamee: You were really.. nice.. dont really know anything about you
Rachel: You are SO SO AWKWARD and cute and funny and i love it more than anything in the world.. We had the BEST times together
Ami: You are a SWEET SWEET little bird.. SO funny and popular.. im going to miss that..
YOU guys are seriously the best and have helped me grow in so many ways.. But we will always be MEMBERS of the SLUT HUT!!! Always and forever... I expect everyone to come to the 5 year hut reunion.... married or not..

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Have you ever just Had a bad week? And because you're having a bad week you want everyone else around you to also? Well welcome to my life these past few weeks.. When things start going right in people lifes, Satan is always there right behind you pulling you down and taking it away.. We need to be strong and realize what is happening and know that its happening for a reason.. Everyone has there own trials and sometimes you just wish to trade.. This last week Has been hard for all of us in our house.. Two of our best friends have been Called to Serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.. They of course got called to leave the same day... NATURALLY!!! We were all really close to these boys and it is hard for all of us.. But we know that what they are doing is the best thing that they could do in their lives is to serve the Lord.. But it leaves us here in tears and a hurting heart..But we will all make it through some faster then others but that's why we are all here.. To help one another through the hard times..

Friends are the best thing that anyone could ever ask for.. And i personally have the best ones.. We all understand each other even when we make no sense at all.. We know when each other are hurting even when we arent even showing it.. We can vent to one another and not have to even saying anything just sit there and listen.. We know when to give each other space because we know eventually we will come around when we are ready.. We have all recently been going through something these past couple of weeks.. And we have all been there for one another every single time.. It's a great feeling to know that there is always someone there that loves you and understands you and know exactly what to say when you are hurting, or upset.. We are so lucky to have one another..

Ami is the strongest girl i know.. She has the sweetest heart, and even when hers is hurting she is always there to help yours stop.. She is so so good with her words and helps you understand things in others perspectives.. I honestly don't know what i would do without her..
Rachel is the most sensitive and caring girl i have ever met.. She has a big heart and a comforting hand.. Even when she is going through a tough time she is still there for almost anyone to help them through there problems.. She is the sweetest/sarcastic girl i have ever met and i love her so so much..
Whitney is the most innocent girl anyone could possibly meet.. She is the happiest girl in the world and never has anything bad to say about anyone.. She has the best sense of humour and a smile on her face at all times.. She just has those loving arms that are always open for us.. Even though she doesnt do well with comforting her arms around us is all we need.. And i miss her so so much...
We all go through trials and this week we have all gone through them together.. We are seriously the 4 luckiest girls in the world.. Sometimes in life, you find a special friend. Someone who changes your life just by being a part of it. Someone who makes you laugh until you can't stop. Someone who makes you believe that there really is good in the world. Someone who convinces you that there really is an unlocked door just waiting for you to open it. This is forever friendship. When you're down and the world seems dark and empty, your forever friend lifts you up in spirit and makes that dark and empty world suddenly seem bright and full. Your forever friend gets you through the hard times, the sad times and the confused times. If you turn and walk away, your forever friend follows. If you lose your way, your forever friend guides you and cheers you on. Your forever friend holds your hand and tells you that everything is going to be okay. And if you find such a friend, you feel happy and complete because you don't need to worry. You have a forever friend, and forever has no end.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


School Ended in May and everyone was SO SO ready for summer..Our house of EIGHT girls became empty and no one was left in the infamous town of Thatcher.. Two Weeks past and Rachel and I had to come back to go to school.. It was sad at first until the first night we spent together.. After that we have never really been apart and we always make the best out of the little things that we have to choose from in Thatcher.. We found new OLDER friends.. and We love every minute we spend together.. We are both the type of people that get super tired and annoyed of others.. I thought for sure spending two months with just Rachel and I.. We would for sure drive each other crazy.. Hasnt happened yet.. And summer is almost over.. Of course we have had our times where we wanted to kill each other and super bratty to one another but that is just to keep things going between us..

We have done so many activities its INSANE!!! Ill name a few...
-Went to empty hot tubs
-Nightly walks
-Scorpion Hunting
-Making dinner with each other
-Going to awkard receptions
-Watching random movies
-Army Wives
-Secret Life of an American Teenager
-Watching every single Justin Beiber music video
-Sing church songs while trying to go to bed
-Singing Loudly while walking down the streets
-Walking in the RAIN
-Freaking ourselves out for no reason
-Monopoly DEAL!!!
-Singing so loud we lose our voices
-Sleeping till 11 because its so hot we cant wake up
-Sittng on park benches while sprinkling
-Saying new things
-Here's my Theory..
many more but cant think of them right now
-Having Thank You wars.. those are always the best..
-Meeting ABA!!! Never EVER will i forget that
-And last but not least.. Just being funny

We have done everything that girls in summer school could possibly do with out a car.. We have gone on so many night walks and seen some ultimate creepers.. Our new OLDER friends have a nice air conditioned house so we spend most of our nights over there watching TV or playing the best Game in the world.. MONOPOLY DEAL!! nothing is better then that game.. We take trips to the corner store for gummy worms and chocolate.. We have eaten so much junk food its insane.. At one point in time we had no food in our fridge and only canned food in the pantry.. and Walmart is the worst place in the world.. so we made do with what we had.. not something you want to do often though just every once in awhile... We are super funny together and laugh so hard at one another.. Sometimes we say the same things at the same time.. or make the same random noises at the same time.. Its FREAKY but i love every minute of it.. We take turns picking which ways we want to walk.. Lately our brothers have been at our house.. They are both madly in love with their girlfriends/Fiance's its sick and they just sit there and expect us to entertain them.. We refuse and ditch them and do our own thing.. No one lives a better life in Thatcher right now then Rachel and I.. Who needs lakes and rivers and pools and Vacations during the summer?? I mean they are all super nice and whatever.. But all ROCK and I need are each other for the time being.. This will forever be the best relaxed summer EVER!!! Its going to be weird when everyone moves back and its not her and I anymore.. But it will still be FUN and INTERSTING!!!! GOODBYE summer HELLO reality....

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Big Thanks to this MAN!!

I havent blogged in awhile so this one might become rather lengthy... For a couple of months now i havent felt like myself.. There has been a couple things happen to me that i am not able to talk about and i cope by just trying to shut everything out and not talk about it and just move on.. But this time it was different.. I started being someone im not.. I started treating others badly and talking bad about others behind there backs.. Because of these problems that i refused to take care of.. That's not me at all.. I have made so many friends, but seem to have lost the majority of them.. Not sure if it was all my fault but im sure most of it was... Im all about success and dreams.. I want everyone in this whole world to do what they have always dreamed of.. Because you dream of things you want to do because you love them and you can picture yourself being good at whatever it is.. My problem is, that I want everyone to be successfull so if i see them starting to fall i go and try to catch them and fix their problems.. This problem of mine had become huge.. I am so busy worrying about others that i have let myself completely fall.. And it is kinda hard to get back up.. Im not sure anyone understands but i dont expect them too... There is a song that i dearly love and i was listening to it and the chrous really hit me,"Tonight I've fallen and i cant get up, i need those loving arms to come and pick me up." That is exactly what i needed help from those loving hands from the man up above.. I have been Praying and reading, and reading and praying and asking for help, so that i can understand why I am having these problems, and i finally got the answer i needed....

This last weekend our wonderful beloved Prophet came to dedicate the beautiful Gila Valley Temple.. We went to the cultural Celebration that my little brothers were in and President Monson was there.. My mom and I got seats on the grass.. I kept texting Morgan and Joey to trade me spots cuz they could see the dances better, but all of the sudden President Monson pulled up in his golf cart and was only a row in front of me.. He looked me right in the eye and smiled.. others got the better deal and got to shake his hand and actually talk to him.. But as he smiled that simple smile.. my heart sank and the water works happened instantly.. It was such an awesome experience..

After last night i have thought about all my problems and talked to my mom who stayed with me for the weekend.. I came to the conclusion that if I try to be happy and think that im happy.. I will become happy and all i need is that simple smile.. What i have been missing these past couple of months is that simple smile that left my face and is now back in place.. Everyone has there little problems and some have big ones and some have bigger ones.. but we should never give up just hold on and keep going.. i heard this quote in one of my english classes, "When things go wrong as they sometimes will,When the road you're trudging seems all up hill, When the funds are low and the debts are high And you want to smile, but you have to sigh, When care is pressing you down a bit, Rest if you must, but don't you quit. Life is queer with its twists and turns, As every one of us sometimes learns, And many a failure turns about When he might have won had he stuck it out; Don't give up though the pace seems slow--You may succeed with another blow, Success is failure turned inside out--The silver tint of the clouds of doubt, And you never can tell how close you are, It may be near when it seems so far; So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit--It's when things seem worst that you must not quit."

I have found my problem and my solution.. I know im not perfect and everyone has there ups and downs, but it was hard for me this time because it was a different problem then i have ever had.. I let myself down and others around me to... I formed into something i wasnt and became unhappy.. That isnt how i was raised or the way i was taught.. I was taught that if i had a problem to take care of it instantly and not to let it eat at me till it got bigger to where it ate me.. I forgot what i was taught for a short few months, all i needed was a little smile to remind me and pull me through.. I know that the only thing that has gotten me through all of this was my wonderful mom and have the gospel in my life.. I cant even imagine how i would of known what to do if I wouldnt of been there when the Prophet was and to feel the spirit that i did.. I am so thankful for the gospel in my life and my family...Without either of them.. I believe i wouldnt be here today.. They have helped me tremendously in so many ways.. and i know that they are both there to pick me up when i fall...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Have you ever wondered what life was about?? There are so many twists and turns to life and what it has to offer.. In February I turned 20, and now its about time to make some decisions in my life. I have greatly enjoyed my time here at EA.. and i still have one more semester to go.. I have made tons of friends and some BEST friends.. I have some choices to make in my life and refuse to think about them. In Church, and Devotional, we are always hearing how we need to date and find our FEC (future eternal companion). We need to prepare for marriage and how to raise a family. Most of the time i feel ready and want it so bad. But then, that's when i stop and think, I am not as ready as i think i am. I want a career, something to fall back on incase something happens, i want to fulfill my goals and be what i have worked so hard for. I look at some of the girls here, and how they get married so fast and almost none of them have a plan. I dont know how they do it, or why they do it. I know everyone is different and God has a different plan for everyone, but i know what i want, and i want to work hard for it. As i said school is coming to an end and now it's time for a change once again.

Every girl has there one BEST friend.. Ami has Rachel, Jackie has Danni, Missy has Keith, and I of course have Whitney. A girl always needs that one person to trust and confide in. Someone you tell everything too.. Even if they don't understand, you tell them just to vent.

I Didn't know Whitney before i came to school, i met her the end of my first semester. We were so funny with each other, and became so close. We didnt really have anything in common except for the fact that we were both funny. We hung out every day, did crazy stuff together. From Power boxing, to romping, to stealing stuff from boys house, and many more. We just got a long so well and were inseperable for awhile. The start of the 2nd year we moved in together. Along with Ami and Rachel. We lived in Goodman 4-1 and we had the time of our lives. Whitney and Ami were in volleyball and most of the time it was just Rachel and I. We got to know each other real well and became close. Us four girls just have this secret bond that every girl is jealous of. Every girl has there moments where they are super tired of each other, and super annoyed, but at the end of the day you love them so much that you forget what you were mad about. That is totally us. We have made so many memories together. We stayed up so late just talking about life, and boys, and typical girl stuff. We had sleepovers and nap time together. Crying and venting sessions. We tell each other how it is, and know exactly what one another are thinking. It is Never a dull moment when we are together. But that is all about to change.

Whitney is graduating next week and is leaving us for good. It use to be just us four.. until we introduced her to the man of her dreams... Since December it hasnt really been us four, and we have kinda started going our own ways already.. We all miss how it use to be but change is good.. Especially for her.. She is moving to Mesa this summer and will no longer live with us.. It's hard to be so close to someone, and then they leave. wheather it be a boy, or parent or just a Best Friend.. Just because they are moving or doing something different, doesnt necessarily mean that you wont be firends anymore.. it will just be that much harder.. I will miss her Whitty jokes.. no pun intended.. and her Wise comments.. her ability to sing... and dance.. and just have fun.. I will miss her coming into our room and telling us about her crazy weird books that she just read.. and all that Politic stuff she cares so much about.. I will miss her at dinner time, and how she always asks how to put it together..(Ami knows what im talking about).. Her weird fedish with her chap stick, how her shirts have to be pointing all the same way in her closet, her weird disease on her lip, always asking what to do if she or someone is sick or hurt.. Her being there to tell us who that actor or actress is in the movie.. to sing weird opera music.. i sadly will miss her Harry Potter fedish as well.. Whitney is an amazing girl and there is no one else like her.. She is always giddy and never angry, she forgives and forgets instantly.. She is My BEST FRIEND!! and no one could ever replace her... I love her ONE HUNDRED TIMES!!!!!!!! and im sure the other girls feel the same way...

Friday, April 30, 2010


I have been a little bit of a freak this week.. I promised myself i would never read the ridiculous books of the Twilight series... But i caved in.. I skipped the first two because i have already watched the movies.. Went right to the third book.. It was so good.. Something i didn't expect.. I started it Sunday and finished Thursday.. I LOVED IT!!!!